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Youth Soccer Club in Sireti, Moldova

Let's come together and rally behind FC REAL SIRETI, the soccer club in Sireti Village, Republic of Moldova, led by Vladimir Rebeja and his Team of volunteers. Our mission is to provide valuable opportunities for the local children, who are passionate about soccer and eager to grow.


With over 130 enthusiastic kids yearning to learn and progress, we are seeking your assistance in creating a suitable training and match field. The club, under Vladimir Rebeja's guidance, has been striving tirelessly to deliver an exceptional soccer experience. This includes upgrading facilities, acquiring necessary equipment, and organizing enriching trips.


To take the club to new heights, we need your support. Our goal is to construct a proper soccer field that will enable children to play and train under optimal conditions. An artificial turf ensures they can develop their skills and enjoy soccer throughout the year, regardless of the weather. We have set a fundraising target of $100,000 for this project.


Join us in this campaign and help fulfill the dreams of the children in Sireti Village, Republic of Moldova, who aspire to have a modern and safe soccer field. Every donation counts and brings us closer to achieving our objective.


We sincerely appreciate your generosity and commitment to fostering sports development among the children in our community. Every contribution matters, no matter the amount.

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Soccer Field 3D Rendering

FC Real Sireți, Moldova

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